Specialty - Machinery Maintenance Complete line of machine cleaners and boil-out detergents to aid in the removal of dyes and residues left over textile processing.

Needle Oil Series Self-emulsifying lubricants for knitting machines, of various viscosities and antifogging characteristics.

Cleaner NPR Agent for the removal of pigment dyes and silicone residue from dye machinery, mix tubs, and pad rolls.

Pomoscour J 38 Detergent for boiling out dye machinery in conjunction with hydro and caustic.

Pomoco MC Cleaner for dye machinery exteriors which removes resin, dye, and oxidized metal.

Winder Cleaner 6900 Non-red label solvent-based cleaner for emulsion winders that is gentler to the skin than varsol.

Pomoxo T26Concentrated alkaline cleaner for cars, trucks, and textile machines.

Pomoxo TBCHigh performance product formulated exlusively for cleaning the inside of dyeing equipment. Effectively removes polyester oligomers from machinery surfaces.

Pomoxo TC6Complex blend of emulsifiers and solubilizing agents designed for boil-outs and scheduled cleaning of dye machines.