Preparation - Wetting Agents Full line of nonionic and anionic wetting agents to help with proper wet-out of fabric during textile processing.

Penetrant AME Nonionic rapid wetting penetrant that is non-rewetting.

Penetrant AS Base Anionic wetter for all fibers that rewet.

Penetrant TER Anionic wetter and penetrant that is stable to the extreme conditions of both chlorine and peroxide bleaching.

Wetter 249Nonionic wetting agent which is especially designed for use in all types of pad finishing processors.

Penetrant NAS 3 Anionic penetrant for extreme caustic levels such as mercerizing.

Penetrant GF7 Anionic wetter for the alkaline processing of denim and all fiber types.

Pomoco 1039Low-foaming, nonionic wetting agent that is stable to peroxide bleaching.