Preparation - Chelate Agents Full line of sequestering agents to help complex heavy metals and aid in the processing of textiles and prevent scale build up on processors.

Pomoleine S EDTA-type chelate for Ca and Mg.

Pomoleine S 8 Concentrated blend of chelates for Ca, Mg, Fe and Cu even at extreme pH conditions.

Pomoleine S 21 Liquid SHMP water conditioner for fiber reactive dyeing.

Conditioner CLC An inorganic antichlor to prevent reactions due to chlorine from municipal water systems.

Pomoleine CNO EDTA chelate that is processed to provide the lowest cyanide ratings attainable.

Pomoleine AL 46 Calcium and Magnesium dispersing agent for preparation and bleaching which increases the efficiency of scours and promotes the ready release of caustic and silicate.

Pomoleine AL 66 The same active ingredients as Pomosperse AL 16 with added iron-chelating agents.

Pomoleine DFE Concentrated chelate blend that is especially useful in the sulfur dyeing of cellulose.

Pomoleine SG 84 Highly alkaline-stable chelate combination; for the sequestering of Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, and Zn.

Pomoleine SHL Concentrated EDTA/DPTA blend that can be used for bleaching, scouring, or dyeing.

Pomoleine ST 6 EDTA-based chelate with added iron sequestrants which will even chelate-precipitated iron.

Pomoleine T3P Concentrated chelate blend for highly alkaline processing containing a special additive to prevent scale build-up on processors.

Pomoco PLB Chelate for sequestering Fe, Ca, Mg, Mn without concerns for dye component complexing. Displays strong chelation even under the extremes of alkaline peroxide bleaching.