Preparation - Bleaching Agents Full line of bleaching aids and stabilizers to help with the bleaching process of greige goods.

Stabilizer CEB Alkali, buffer, and peroxide stabilizer that is freer rinsing than sodium silicate.

Pomosperse AL 55 Dispersant and scale inhibitor to reduce build-up in causticizers and bleach ranges and to promote the ready release of silicate and caustic.

Stabilizer HDC Economical organic stabilizer for the batch peroxide bleaching of cotton and blended fabrics and yarn.

Stabilizer JBS Organic stabilizer formulated especially for use in JEMCO continuous-bleach ranges. Excellent in the prevention of processor scale build-up.

Stabilizer SFPC Highly concentrated organic stabilizer for use alone or as a silicate extender which is suited for both batch and continuous machinery.

Stabilizer PAD Organic stabilizer formulated especially for the pad bleaching of cotton and cotton blends.

Neutralizer C 1 Non-volatile neutralizing agent for the scouring of bleached fabrics, yarn, and garments which does not cause the detrimental effects on stilbene-based opticals that acetic acid can create.

Whitener CP 1 Exhaustible optical-brightening agent that is stable to the conditions of chlorine bleaching. Excellent for the bluest white on cotton and cotton- blend hosiery.

Pomoco 139 Powder-bleaching package that contains alkali, detergent, chelate, and stabilizer.

Pomoco CLA Clay-based product that replaces peroxide stabilizer, scouring agent, chelate, and lubricant in batch-bleaching operations.