Finishing - Fatty/Waxed Emulsions Complete line of softeners based on fatty acids and wax emulsions. These products aid in the softening of fabrics along with later processing of the textiles, such as cutting, sewing, and napping.


Soluble Wax HWH Mill-tailored winding emulsion for cotton and cotton blends which give lubricity, softness, and weight regain.

Synthalube TXB In-bath-applied lubricant for the treatment of sewing thread.

Pomolube VW 55 Kiss-applied winding emulsion that gives excellent coefficient of friction without the use of wax discs. Also gives regain and may give better dye yield than goods treated with wax discs.

Soluble Wax RWF Winding emulsion to impart the lowest in coefficient of friction readings.


Pomosoft 413 Cationic multi-fiber softener that maintains a high degree of white retention.

Pomosoft DJ8 Cationic multi-fiber softener that displays a high degree of electrolyte stability.

Pomosoft 540 Cationic softener that gives acrylic fiber a kitten's ear hand.

Pomosoft CAP Nonionic softener especially for Prepared for Print goods that maintains excellent white retention.

Pomosoft 3 W Fatty amide emulsion that provides excellent hand and a high degree of white retention on all fiber types and blends.

Pomosoft QAS Fatty amide with a small amount of silicone designed to give open end spun hosiery the feel of ring spun goods.

Pomolube AKM Softener and lubricant for piece goods that are going to be garment dyed. Gives an even dyeing appearance and excellent cut and sew properties.

Pomosoft DSQ 15 Extremely white cationic softener for the processing of bleached optical whites.

Pomosoft DKF Nonionic super stick softener for the pad application of polyester and poly-blends.

Pomosoft LCCS A highly concentrated liquid cationic softener for use on all fibers.


Pomolube 72 R Slightly cationic softener that provides a soft, slick hand with excellent absorbency and rewetting.

Pomolube 92 R Economical towel softener that provides good softening, rewetting, and white retention.


Pomosoft AC 101Blend finish for superior nap pile, soft hand and high white retention.

Pomolube NSPSoftener/lubricant blend to assist in the napping or sueding of polyester, acetate, and nylon.

Pomolube NJ 5Excellent napping assistant for all fiber types that does not promote the migration of disperse dyestuffs. Excellent crock fastness rating along with superior cut and sew properties.

Pomolube MN 5Completes nonionic blend for napping and softening of all types of fiber blends.