Piedmont Chemical Industries I, LLC

Preparation Preparation - Scour/Wetting Agents

Piedmont Chemical offers:
  • Concentrated ethoxylated alcohols and alkyl phenols.
  • Concentrated phosphate esters.
  • Specialty Ethoxylated/Propoxylated surfactants.

Pomoscour DSS A highly biodegradable, nonionic scouring agent for the processing of all fiber types.

Pomoscour BJCNon alkyl phenol, nonionic scouring agent which is extremely low foaming. Removes waxes and oils like NP ethoxylates, but can be used in a jet without a defoamer.

Pomoco L 70 ConcPre-scour for wool and synthetics that also is used as an anti-precipitate in one bath multi-dye system.

Pomoco AME ConcNonionic rapid wetting penetrant that is non-rewetting.

Pentrant AS BaseAnionic wetter for all fibers that rewet.

Pomoco 1039Low-foaming, nonionic wetting agent that is stable to peroxide bleaching.

Wetter 249Nonionic wetting agent which is especially designed for use in all types of pad finishing processors.

Pomoco NCFNHighly concentrated detergent and wetter especially useful in enzyme desizing.

Pomoco SVA nonionic surfactant designed for use as a wetting agent and detergent in fabric preparation, desizing, and soaping off after dyeing.

Preparation - Chelate Agents

Pomoleine DFEConcentrated chelate blend that is especially useful in the sulfur dyeing of cellulose.

Pomoleine T3PConcentrated chelate blend that is especially useful in the sulfur dyeing of cellulose.

Pomoco PLB ConcChelate for sequestering Fe, Ca, Mg, Mn without concerns for dye component complexing. Displays strong chelation even under the extremes of alkaline peroxide bleaching.

Pomoleine S 88A tetrasodium salt of EDTA in liquid form. It is effective in controlling water hardness caused by calcium, iron and other metallic ions over a wide pH range, and is compatible with nearly all scouring, bleaching, and dyeing processes.