Piedmont Chemical Industries I, LLC
Garment Processing Piedmont Chemical Industries I, LLC offers a wide product range for the wet processing of garments. We offer a full line of desizing agents, bio-polishing, anti-redep, and softeners for denim processing.

Synthazyme LCE 5XHighly concentrated lacase enzyme.

Synthazyme 880 STHighly concentrated neutral cellulose enzyme.

Synthazyme SGL 2X Highly concentrated acid cellulose enzyme.

Pomolube BOSLubricant that eliminates grease streaks in denim garments.

Synthalube 2176Highly concentrated polyacrylamide lubricant.

Pomosperse AL 36Dispersant that eliminates sulfur spots.

Pomoco DSYZDesize, wetter, and lubricant combination product for denim garments.

Penetrant AMEWetter, penetrant for all garment processing.

Pomoco 139Powdered alkali scour for denim processing, 100% active.

Pomoco 5962Polyester dispersant, anti-redep for denim processing.

Pomoco CL 35Anti-redep product for cellulose.

Pomoco Blocker IGO V2Combination anti-redep product for polyester and cellulose.

Pomosoft 3W CONCConcentrated cationic softener.

Pomosoft LCCS100% active economical liquid cationic softener.

Pomosoft 5 LNHighly active exhaustible anti-ozonate softener.

Synthasil SW 1820Silicone softener for fluorochemical-treated garments.

Buffer MSP 3Added to mixture when a slightly acid-to-neutral pH is required.

Synthaset 6536A one-piece resin-catalyst product used to obtain dimensional control and prevent excessive shrinkage on knit goods.