Dyeing - Lubricants Line of in-bath lubricants designed to aid fabric processing. They provide excellent fiber-to-metal lubricity preventing scuffmarks, chafing and fibrillation and aids with excellent fiber-to-fiber lubricity, crack marks and creases.

Lubricant LRDFiber-to-fiber lubricant for all types of batch bleaching or dyeing.

Pomolube 1170Polyacrylamide lubricant that is salt-tolerant and provides superior fiber-to-fiber lubricity.

Synthalube AP 50Polymeric/anionic blend which is especially helpful in preventing crack marks in continuous bleaching.

Synthalube 2176A highly concentrated polyacrylamide lubricant.

Pomolube BOSGreat lubricant for garment processing that helps eliminate crease marks in denim.

Lubricant SFA 2High performance polymer designed to give excellent lubricant during the dyeing of polyester fabrics.

Pomoco B3410CHigh performance polymer designed to give excellent lubrication during the dyeing of nylon fabrics