Dyeing - Leveling Agents - Cotton Full line of leveling agents for the textile dyeing process to help aid in the retarding, striking, and migration of dyes and to promote a level and even dyeing on fabrics.

Pomolev XCQ Leveler of direct dyes which allows all salt to be added at beginning of the dye cycle.

Pomoco FRL Phosphate-free liquid alkali for fiber reactive dyes.

Pomosperse AL 36 Solubilizer, dispersant, chelate, and afterscour for fiber-reactive dyes.

Pomolev EC Leveler for vat dyes for maximum dye dispersion and penetration.

Pomoco 177 Sodium nitro-benzene sulfonate blend with other assistants to minimize hydolysis of reactive dyes in long baths.

Leveler XCP Leveling agent especially formulated for the direct and reactive rotary dyeing of garments.

Dyeing - Leveling Agents - Polyester

Pomolev CTM 55 A high performance polyester leveling agent for use in low liquor dyeing applications. Shows outstanding reduction of the rate of dye strike as the temperature rises in the dyeing process, therefore ensuring levelness of shade.

Pomolev GPL A high performance polyester leveling agent showing excellent dispersion of disperse dyes. Shows great leveling and is very effective lubricant and trimer suppressant.

Pomoco PC 1 Butyl Benzoate-based carrier for polyester and triacetate.

Pomosperse IL Dispersant for disperse dyes used in the drug room and dye bath.

Pomoco CLRR Non-reductive after-clear for improving wash and crock fastness.

Pomosperse J94 Special non-carrier leveling additive for the smooth dyeing of trouble shades.

Carrier LO4 Low odor carrier especially formulated for the atmospheric dyeing of polyester.

Carrier DPO 1 Powerful migrating additive, designed for repair work and use after machine tangles.

Pomoco C47Q New generation product which virtually eliminates the downstream effects of trimer.

Pomovol PC 22 Emulsified Butyl Benzoate for superior transfer and migration without chlorinates.

Pomoco TXF Disperse dye leveling agent that also delivers lubrication and some softening.

Carrier NOC No odor phthalimide-based carrier for the disperse dyeing of polyester which is also highly biodegradable.

Dyeing - Leveling Agents - Nylon

Pomolev NHM Retarding-type leveling agent for acid dyes on nylon.

Pomolev CB 31 Anionic migrating agent for acid dyes on nylon.

Buffer MSP 3 Phosphate-free buffering agent for acid dye systems.

Pomosist OD Acid donor system that is kinder to the effluent than other glycol-producing agents.

Pomolev WL 56 Acid dye leveling agent for the processing of nylon hosiery, especially in overloaded machinery or where the goods are in tightly bunched bags.

Pomoco CMPA Extremely concentrated nylon retarder for the processing of both yarns and carpet.

Pomosist 18 J Migrating-type leveling agent for the acid dyeing of nylon.

Pomolev CD 512 Acid donor dye solubilizer for acid dyes on nylon.

Dyeing - Leveling Agents - Acrylic
Pomolev AYM Combination wetter, leveler, and retarder for dyeing acrylic.

Pomoco RL 537 New generation acrylic leveler with lower BOD-COD ratings than traditional retarder leveler systems.

Pomoco BTAC 60 Migrating agent for dyeing and repairing cationic dyeable acrylic.

Pomoco 1014 Strike accelerating agent for the processing of acrylic where maximum depth of shade is desired with minimum processing time.

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