Dyeing - Fixing Agents Full line of fixing agents to designed to attach and fix dyes fabrics and aid with wash and bleed fastness properties.

Pomoco 1250 Anti-migrant for direct dyes that prevents migration while wet and during drying.

Pomoco G 48 Resinous fix for direct and reactive dyes that improves fastness characteristics.

Pomoco NL 45 Resinous fix for acid dyes that will not precipitate loose dyestuff.

Pomoco NFF Non-formaldehyde fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes.

Fixing Agent XP 10 After treatment for acid-dyed nylon which replaced tannic acid and tartar emetic.

Pomofix DXB Polymeric nylon fix that is tolerant to acid pH, so it can be used in bath as well as a post-treatment. Excellent wash and bleed fastness.

Pomofix THC Excellent agent for nylon carpeting providing a high degree of protection against exposure to chlorine bleach.