Piedmont Chemical Industries I, LLC

Urethane Foam Auxilaries


Foamfresh 3851Antimicrobial based on silane quat for use in flexible foam industry. Foamfresh 4850Similar to the Foamfresh 3851, but with higher activity and a lower hydroxyl value. Foamfresh RB 2Quat silane chemistry designed to be used in carpet rebond applications. Foamfresh ZN 624Zinc Pyrion based chemistry for broad spectrum antimicrobial and fungal control.

Anti-Scorching Agents-

Products that help prevent scorching caused by exothermic conditions during the manufacturing process.
Foamox 678 SX

Low VOC Oil Extenders

Pomolube 100 FF Pomolube FF 35 Pomolube FF 50

Reactive Anti-stats

Highly active agents designed to be processed into foam to give anti-static properties.
Pomoco C2DQ

Bun Lubricants

Multiple purpose lubricants for foam that can be sprayed directly on foam or machinery that is used in cutting and processing.
Pomolube WBLWater based lubricant Pomolulbe SVBLSolvent based lubricant

Dispersing Agents

Blend of surfactants to help with dispersing or compatibilizing issues.
Pomoco 2479 Pomoco TDA 3