Piedmont Chemical Industries I, LLC
Dyeing Dyeing - Lubricants

Lubricant LRD BaseFiber-to-fiber lubricant for all types of batch bleaching or dyeing.

Pomolube BOS ConcLubricant that eliminates grease streaks in denim garments.

Synthalube 2176Highly concentrated polyacrylamide lubricant.

Pomoco L 167A fatty based ester product used as an aid in processing a variety of fabric types in the dyeing process. It is functional as a dye bath lubricant by providing good fiber-to-metal as well as fiber-to-fiber lubricity.

Dyeing - Fixing Agents

Pomofix NFF ConcNon-formaldehyde fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes.

Dyeing - Defoamers

Pomoco TA 101A highly concentrated silicone based defoamer that exhibits excellent stability in the dyeing process of fabrics.

Defoamer NSD BaseHighly effective non silicone jet defoamer that is electrolyte tolerant.

Dyeing - Leveling Agents

Pomolev CTM ConcA high performance polyester leveling agent for use in low liquor dyeing applications. Shows outstanding reduction of the rate of dye strike as the temperature rises in the dyeing process, therefore ensuring levelness of shade.

Pomoco TXFDisperse dye leveling agent that also delivers lubrication and some softening.

Pomoco PL 27Un-emulsified phthalimide-base carrier for the disperse dyeing of polyester. Contains little to no odor and is also highly biodegradable.

Dyeing - Leveling Agents

Pomolev NHM ConcRetarding-type leveling agent for acid dyes on nylon.

Pomolev WL 56Acid dye leveling agent for the processing of nylon hosiery, especially in overloaded machinery or where the goods are in tightly bunched bags.

Pomoco CMPAExtremely concentrated nylon retarder for the processing of both yarns and carpet.

Pomoco CD 512Acid donor dye solubilizer for acid dyes on nylon.

Pomolev TFS 1A unique solubilizing, leveling, and structured retarding agent for all types of nylon and wool, which increases the solubility of all types of acid dyes.

Dyeing - Leveling Agents

Pomoco BTAC 60Migrating agent for dyeing and repairing cationic dyeable acrylic.

Pomoco 1012Used in atmospheric and jet beck dye baths as a leveling agent and oligomer absorbent for polyester.

Pomoco 1014Strike accelerating agent for the processing of acrylic where maximum depth of shade is desired with minimum processing time.